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FILE: King County Elections employee Josephine Ruff unloads a  full ballot drop box outside of the Seattle Public Library in Ballard in November of 2017.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

Seattle-area primary results are below, but we want to highlight some interesting developments from outside our area, where three Republican-held seats are showing vulnerabilities.

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit over water management at Round Butte Dam in Central Oregon.

The environmental group Deschutes River Alliance argued in court that Portland General Electric and the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation were violating water quality standards on the lower Deschutes River.

In late July, an orca calf died within half an hour of its birth. The mother carried the dead calf on her head for more than a week.

J50 with her podmate J42, taken July 21, 2018.

Boat crews were out again on Washington waters Tuesday looking for J50, the starving orca that’s part of the endangered Southern Resident killer whales that frequent the Pacific Northwest.

Protesters call for the removal of dams on the Snake River to help salmon spawn -- and consequently feed Puget Sound orcas. The protest came outside a meeting of the governor's orca task force in Wenatchee on Tuesday.
KUOW photo/Eilis O'Neill

In late July, an orca calf died within half an hour of its birth. The mother carried the dead calf on her head for more than a week.

Now whale scientists and NOAA are weighing trying to feed live Chinook salmon to an emaciated 4-year-old orca or trying to inject her with an antibiotic.

Gurpreet Marok (right) owns land near the proposed Kent Des Moines Sound Transit station. Being near the station means great opportunity, but that opportunity comes with risk.
KUOW Photo/Joshua McNichols

Gurpreet Marok's family has owned a modest motel, The New Best Inn, in Kent since 1999. It's a two-story building just off Kent Des Moines road, with a neon sign and Spanish roof tiling. The business is a part of the Marok's immigration and family story: It's the first building the family bought; Marok's uncle died in it in 2004. 

A voter returns a ballot in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

Tuesday is primary day in Washington state. So what kind of voter are you? Are you driven by the issues or by your emotions?

KUOW's Angela King talked with Assunta Ng, publisher of Northwest Asian Weekly, about her recent post on nine specific voting behaviors that many of us are guilty of.

 J-50 swims with sister J-42 on July 21. NOAA Fisheries photo, permit number 21368.
NOAA Fisheries/Katy Foster

The effort to save a sick, starving orca named J50 is a personal mission for Aaron Hillaire and Malcolm Owings of the Lummi Tribe.

“Hundreds and hundreds of years we’ve been around the orcas and it’s family, really,” Hillaire said.

An emaciated orca from the Pacific Northwest’s critically-endangered resident killer whale population could get a pole injection of medicine under the latest preferred option of an emergency response team. 

Officials with the lead federal agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, described the changing situation Monday morning.

A ballot drop box in Seattle
KUOW Photo/Liz Jones

Maria Cantwell, Dave Reichert's old seat, and big money: Kim Malcolm talks with KUOW Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins about what to watch for in Washington's August primary election.

Baby orca J54 swims with its mom, J28, in the waters off San Juan Island this month.
Dave Ellifrit/Center for Whale Research

Laura Blackmore of Puget Sound Partnership speaks with KUOW's Kim Malcolm about the task force kicking off on Tuesday to discuss the overall health of the killer whales local to the Washington state and Canadian coast lines, known as J-Pod. 

On the evening of August 14, 2010, Steve and Laurie Jenks were returning to their motel from a wedding in Walla Walla. It was dark and Steve, who was driving, had been warned to watch for deer along Highway 124. 

An emaciated orca from the Pacific Northwest’s critically-endangered resident killer whale population could get a pole injection of medicine under the latest prefered option of an emergency response team. 

“To let fires burn in July and August is ridiculous.” — Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus in the New York Times, Sept. 22, 1988

Rich Fairbanks walks a forest trail through a stretch where two wildfires have burned in the last six years.

The ground is mostly bare, and the tree trunks are striped with black, scorched bark.

Fairbanks has worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a wildland firefighter and as a wilderness advocate. He is thrilled by all this. He points up at the green crowns of the trees with delight.

Salenna Green, second from left, waits backstage before performing at the Respect The Culture fashion show during the Umoja Fest on Saturday, August 4, 2018, at Judkins Park in Seattle.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

As the Blue Angels flew overhead, hundreds gathered on Saturday to attend the Umoja Festival and African American Day parade. Umoja, which means "unity" in Swahili, is a festival that began as a tradition in the 1940s to honor African heritage and culture. 

An emaciated, 4-year-old Pacific Northwest orca is drawing alarm.

NOAA Fisheries spokesman Michael Milstein said feeding live Chinook salmon to the female orca, possibly laced with medication, is being considered.

Samantha Ramirez, 9, left, and Benjamin Ramirez, 16, right, help their mother, Sheila Ramirez, center, to step onto the rotating glass floor at the Space Needle on Friday, August 3, 2018, in Seattle.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

Have you ever wondered what birds see when they fly over Seattle? Well, now you can see for yourself.

The Space Needle’s rotating glass floor is officially open to the public.

Volunteers set up sleeping mats at ROOTS Young Adult Shelter on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, in Seattle. The shelter can accommodate up to 45 young adults a night.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

The city of Seattle will penalize homeless service providers that failed to meet housing goals in the second quarter of this year. That's according to a letter sent to providers in May.

With less than a week until the primary election in his district, Republican state Rep. Matt Manweller has released a video accusing his employer—Central Washington University (CWU)—of pursuing a partisan-driven investigation into his workplace conduct.

Orca whale, Tahlequah or J35, carrying her dead calf
Photo courtesy of Michael Weiss, Center for Whale Research

It's now been nine days that a J-pod orca mother has been carrying her dead calf on her head, refusing to let it sink.

Kim Malcolm talks with Dr. Deborah Giles about how individuals can help with the recovery of southern resident killer whales. Giles is a killer whale biologist with the University of Washington's Center for Conservation Biology.

Here are three of Giles' suggestions:

Daisley Gordon, chef-owner of Café Campagne in downtown Seattle, doesn’t have to go far to find fresh, summer ingredients when he’s in a pinch.

Gordon’s classic French restaurant is just steps from Pike Place Market. “I really do take it for granted that I can just run down here,” he said on a recent trip through the market.

The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled the state should not have sold off a piece of the Elliott State Forest to a Eugene-based timber company four years ago. The state sold the land in 2014 after environmental groups successfully sued to halt several timber sales on the forest.

“It’s our understanding that this will revert back into public ownership like it should be,” said Josh Laughlin of Cascadia Wildlands, one of several groups challenging the sale.

You got an awesome burrito from Chipotle. They got your credit card info.
Flickr Photo (CC BY 2.0)

You know not to open suspicious attachments in your email. But these hackers developed a way to work around your skepticism. 

Tiny homes are shown on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at the Licton Springs Tiny House Village on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

Changes are coming to the tiny house village in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood.

Amid concerns from neighbors and uncertainty about whether the City of Seattle will renew the camp’s permit to remain on Aurora Avenue North, the site is getting tighter security and improvements for its homeless residents.

One of the halls at juvenile detention in Seattle. There are 212 beds but less than a quarter of those beds are used.
KUOW Photo/Isolde Raftery

King County wants your feedback on its efforts to jail fewer young people.

Flickr Photo/Brian Turner (CC BY 2.0)/

King County District Judge Lisa Paglisotti presides over a unique community court in Redmond. Instead of  sitting high up, looking down on a defendent, she's at eye level.

A national shortage of anesthesia and pain medications have put providers in a tough spot, including in obstetrics. Collage
KUOW Illustration/Isolde Raftery

The supply room for drugs at Wenatchee LifeLine, a rural ambulance service, is bare. Morphine is scant. Bags of saline are precious.

Detective Richard Rowe was captured on motorcyclist Alex Randall's GoPro pulling a gun during an off-duty traffic stop last year.
Alex Randall/YouTube

A motorcyclist who had a gun pulled on him by an off-duty King County Sheriff's Office detective during a traffic stop last year is suing the county and the detective for excessive force.

Natasha Weled was present for the walk-through of her apartment after she moved out. That proved vital for winning her case against her landlord, Allied Residential, because she was able to show the discrepancy between the form she received after the walk
Courtesy of Natasha Weled

Natasha Weled was told she would get back the security deposit she put down on a two-bedroom apartment in Bellevue. Instead she got a letter from a debt collections agency. 

Weled sued her former landlord, Allied Residential, and won. These are her tips for tenant success.

Tenants should not pay for normal wear and tear when they move out of rental housing. Attorney Scott Crain of Northwest Justice Project recommends documenting when, for example, a stove stops working as a result of normal use. Keep photos and send written notice to your landlord, he said.  

Natasha and Brent Weled outside the courthouse in Issaquah, where they presented a case against Allied Residential, their former landlord.
KUOW Photo/Anna Boiko-Weyrauch

Natasha Weled was on guard.

It was February, and she was moving out of her two-bedroom apartment in Bellevue, and the property manager had stood her up for the final walk-through — twice.