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Bob Ferguson v. The World (in this case, Google and Facebook)

Jun 5, 2018

Here she comes - Miss America! Fully clothed. After 97 years, the pageant has scrapped the swimsuit portion of the competition. They say it's to show that they're no longer judging women on their physical appearances. Is it a pageant at all anymore, or just a competition, as Gretchen Carlson said when announcing the change? We spoke to two former Miss Washingtons, Kristin Tetteh (2006) and Brittney Henry (2011).

Jenny Durkan says no take-backsies on the Seattle Police Chief search, meaning Carmen Best is definitively out. So what are we looking for in a police chief? We asked Enrique Gonzalez, Tara Moss, and State Representative Morgan Irwin. Gonzalez was a member of the police chief search committee and co-chairs the community police commission. Moss is program director at Seattle-King County's Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program. Representative Irwin is also an SPD officer, although he's not speaking on behalf of the department today.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has fired up his lawsuit machine again, this time targeting Facebook and Google for violating transparency laws when it comes to political advertising. Eli Sanders, editor for the Stranger, delivered a letter to Facebook and Google that kicked off the lawsuit. He explains what's at stake.