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Brussels Attack Heightens Security Throughout Seattle

Mar 22, 2016

The deadly attacks in Belgium's capital have heightened security efforts in Seattle and throughout the U.S.

A Seattle Police spokesperson says there's no information to suggest an imminent threat to the city, but the SPD may increase police presence around light rail, transit centers and major commercial areas.

Security has also been ramped up at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Sea-Tac officials say it shouldn't create traveler delays.

Issaquah resident Julie Brandsness was at Sea-Tac today seeing her daughter off on a flight to Paris to study abroad. She says the news from Belgium gave her mixed emotions about her daughter's trip. "With the Brussels attack, it's pretty scary. But it's a big city and she'll be fine, I'm sure. My first instinct was, 'I wonder if they will cancel the trip,' but off she goes."

Airport officials are reminding people of the safety mantra, "If you see something, say something."

The University of Washington does not currently have students registered in programs in Belgium, but a spokesperson says the university is working to account for the safety of all students currently studying in Europe.