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The Coming Of The Great War, Set To Music

Jan 15, 2015

To mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, University of Washington professor Robin McCabe planned a series she calls “Music from the War to End All Wars.”

Students from the UW School of Music. Back row left to right: Mona Sangesland, flute; Professor Donna Shin, flute; Natalie Ham, flute; Professor Robin McCabe, piano. Front row left to right: Li-Cheng Hung, piano; Jane Heinrichs, piano
Credit Courtesy of UW School of Music/Joanne De Pue

The debut event includes professor Robert Stacey’s talk ,“A Gathering Storm? Artistic Crisis and the Coming of the First World War.” 

Stacey is a professor of history and UW’s Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. UW School of Music students perform a program that includes period pieces composed by Debussy, De Falla and Bartók. Their combined approach, inspired by music and art, serves as a poignant reflection on to the tragic history of the so-called Great War.

The University of Washington presented this talk and concert at The Brechemin Auditorium on Sunday, December 7, 2014. Thanks to Gary Louie for this recording.