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Councilmembers Will Represent Districts – But Which One Is Yours?

Nov 6, 2013

Seattle will be divided into these seven districts. Residents of each district will elect a city councilmember to represent them.
Credit Courtesy of Seattle District Now

Seattle prides itself on being a city of neighborhoods – small cities wedged between two bodies of water – but its city councilmembers are elected by the city at large.

That system changed Tuesday night, when voters passed Charter Amendment 19, which would allow residents from a district to choose someone to represent them.

What district do you live in? We’ve included a map to help you figure that out. The boundaries, drawn in 2010 by University of Washington professor Richard Morrill, divide the city into seven districts. Currently, at least one councilmember lives in all but one of these districts. Lacking representation is Seattle's far north end. (Nick Licata lives on the border, in Crown Hill, according to Crosscut.)

There would also be two at-large councilmembers, elected by residents citywide. The new system will start with the 2015 elections.