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Everyone's moving to Seattle — including rhinos

May 4, 2018

It seems just about everyone's moving to Seattle these days, and now that includes rhinoceri.

Two baby rhinos, named Taj and Glenn, are now permanent residents at Woodland Park Zoo.

Martin Ramirez, an animal curator there, said right now the baby rhinos are about the size of a cow.   

“They will grow to be as big as a Volkswagen Beetle when they get adult size — anywhere from 5,000-6,000 pounds," he said. "Their horn may not be that impressive now, but as they grow older you’ll see more and more of that.”

Speaking of horns, Ramirez said the exhibit aims to teach about horn poaching that threatens rhinos worldwide.

“You know Seattle is a major port – coming from Asia and all around the world – and quite a few illegal animal artifacts are actually smuggled in through Seattle. So it’s important that we recognize that and tell that story,” he said.

Taj and Glenn are the very first rhinos in Woodland Park's 118-year history.

They are greater one-horned rhinos, native to India.

“I think what’s really unique about this species is that their skin folds are set up in such a way that they actually look like armored plates. That’s what really cool about this particular species of rhino,” Ramirez said.

The new rhino exhibit opens to the public Saturday, May 5.