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How To Merge In Traffic (Seattle, You're Not Going To Like This)

Jul 22, 2014

Seattle area traffic jams are nothing new, but this week has been particularly trying with the construction on westbound I-90 closing all but one lane in Bellevue.

It might seem selfish, but the best way to ease congestion, according to Washington State Department of Transportation's Travis Phelps, is to drive right up to the closure before merging over.

"There can be the weird idea that goes through people's head that, 'Those people are cheating, they're cutting in line.' Well, it actually helps traffic flow if you can let folks in. Play nice with the other person, let them in. Treat traffic like a team sport," Phelps said, speaking with KUOW's Bill Radke.

Phelps said that that merging in the middle can create a small choke point. The trick is to put on your blinker, don't make any sudden movements and don't try to force your way in.

Also, make sure to give a courtesy wave to your fellow drivers.

"This is something we're all in together," he said. "So if we can play nice for four days, that's great."

Some of you need a little more convincing. Here are some funny responses on social media.

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