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Lots of places want a fast ferry. First they need a dock

Feb 13, 2018

Congestion on regional roads is not expected to get better anytime soon, so more and more communities are considering a Puget Sound commuter ferry.

Agencies in Pierce, Thurston and Island counties are all looking into the possibility. But these agencies have a common problem: where to land on Seattle's crowded waterfront.

John Clauson is head of Kitsap Transit, which started its own fast ferry service last year. He said it's time to find a common dock.

"We should all sit down collectively and look at the waterfront and figure out where long-term does it make sense to have a passenger facility. And I think we need a regional passenger-only facility,” he said in an interview.

“For example, Argosy has docks right next to Colman Dock. Is there something that we could do collectively to improve that facility that could provide access for these other potential uses?"

Clauson said the Argosy dock is only one of the options. There's also Pier 48, south of Yesler Way, which is owned by the state.