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Quick but enlightening: Listen to Ignite Seattle

Oct 26, 2017

Ignite Seattle is a volunteer-powered event that started back in 2006. The concept is simple: Enlighten us, but make it quick! Puget Sounders of all stripes go on stage to share something that inspires them for five minutes.

This time around the talks ranged from robots and the impact of social proximity to burial planning and making Seattle your own. There really is something for everyone. If you’ve never been to an Ignite event, listen in. Maybe you’ll be up there on stage next time.

Ignite Seattle 34 featured the following talks:

This event took place on October 19 at the Egyptian Theatre. Sonya Harris recorded the talks. The emcee was Scott Berkun.  

Please note: This recording contains language of an adult nature.

Listen to the full version below: