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Washington Republicans debate the 'Trump effect’

Sep 1, 2016

He came. He saw. He won the nomination. What does Donald Trump’s unique form of Republicanism mean for the party faithful in our state?

KUOW and Humanities Washington invited a panel of GOP standard bearers to discuss that and other long-range questions as this election cycle draws to a close. Is Trumpism a blip on the radar for the party of Lincoln, or the way of the future?

Listen to the panel discussion below.

The panel includes: 

  • Slade Gorton, former U.S. senator from 1981-1987 and from 1989-2001.
  • Matthew Manweller, professor of political science at Central Washington University, a state representative, and former chair of the Kittitas County Republican Party.
  • Diane Tebelius, former chair of the Washington State Republican Party from 2006 to 2007 and former federal prosecutor.
  • Sam Reed, former Washington Secretary of State and current chair of Mainstream Republicans. 

The event was moderated by KUOW’s Ross Reynolds and Humanities Washington’s Zaki Barak Hamid. It took place on August 31 at Resonance at Soma Towers in Bellevue.