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We endorse this week’s Week In Review

Aug 25, 2017

The mayoral race in Seattle is heating up. King County Democrats have endorsed Cary Moon, and so has today’s panelist, former mayor Mike McGinn. Labor unions have come out in support Jenny Durkan. What’s the significance of this latest round of endorsements?

The City of Seattle is going to spend at least a quarter of million dollars defending legal attacks against the high earner income tax passed by City Council on a 9-0 vote. Is it common for a local or state government agency to pass laws they know they need to spend money to defend in court?

Is Seattle becoming Amazonia? And because we're still not sick of talking about the eclipse, we ask the panel where they watched the celestial show.

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Our panel this week:

Ross Reynolds, @KUOWRoss host

Joni Balter, @jbalter host of Seattle Channel’s Civic Cocktail

Chris Vance, @chrisvance123 former Republican Party chair

Mike McGinn, @mayormcginn former Seattle Mayor