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This week we're sweating out the news

Aug 4, 2017

Are you hot? We're hot. It's hot. Not as hot as it could be because of the smoke from British Columbia's wildfires, but we're still in a heat wave with temperatures in the 90s. 

Primary season is over in Washington state, but before we know who will make it into the general election a few thousand ballots still need to be counted. One thing is certain, Seattle will have its first woman mayor in over 90 years. since the top four finishers in the primary were women. We discuss what Seattle and other election results across the region mean. 

Also, President Donald Trump unveiled a new immigration plan this week. It would move the United States towards a "merit based" immigration system, letting high skilled workers and people with English language proficiency into the country. Will this change the United State's attitude towards immigration?     

And as of this week in Western Washington you have to enter all 10 digits when dialing a phone number. But who dials anymore anyway? 

Get caught up on the news:

Our panel this week:

Bill Radke @KUOWRadke, host

Cathy Allen @CathyAllen206, political consultant for Democrats 

Chris Vance @Chrisvance123, former chair of the state Republican party 

Erica Barnett @ericacbarnett, writer for the C is for Crank