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    Casual Friday: 'Radio eye roll'

    This week, Seattle gets to grips with actually having a pro hockey team. Anyone know how to skate out there? Plus, the Olympics kick off, sans fans. We break it down with co-hosts of the Barbershop podcast Marcus Trufant and Terry Hollimon.

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    Conspiracy politics on the Peninsula

    QAnon was a chaotic force in last year’s presidential election. Now a new crop of conspiracy-minded candidates are trying to gain a foothold in local politics on the Olympic Peninsula. KUOW politics reporter David Hyde tells us what he found.

  • caption: Tim Pipes, owner of The Angry Beaver in Greenwood, poses in front of the bar's mascot. The Beaver is Seattle's only hockey bar — Pipes founded it when he couldn't find a spot to watch his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

    How to build a hockey team

    Seattle will soon have a fifth pro sports team — the Kraken's debut NHL season starts in October. But how do you build a new hockey franchise from the ground up? Seattle Now producer Clare McGrane explains the answer involves a bit of politicking, a bit of player stealing and a lot of transplanted fans.

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    Get ready for smoke season

    Another week of warm, breezy summer weather here in Seattle. But east of the mountains, they’re dealing with extreme fire danger. We’ll here more about the fast start to this year's wildfire season and what you can do to prepare from Northwest News Network correspondent Anna King.

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    Billionaires in spaaaace

    Space tourism takes another step closer to reality tomorrow, when the first passenger flight of Kent-based Blue Origin takes off with Jeff Bezos onboard. It's a big step towards space flight becoming accessible to more people, even those of us who can't spend $28 million on a ticket.

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    Seattle Now: Pandemic tattoos

    The pandemic has been brutal, the loss, staggering. Everyone has a story, and some people are telling theirs with a new tattoo. We explore what people are deciding to get and why.

  • caption: A sign on the door of Mercury Coffee in Bellevue gives customers the option of nixing their masks if they are fully vaccinated.

    A reality check on breakthrough Covid cases in Washington

    Emily Griffin was ready to get back to work as a DJ in Seattle as vaccination rates got higher and Washington state fully reopened. But then she started hearing about people she knew, fully vaccinated people, coming down with Covid. Breakthrough cases made her think twice.

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    This guy just survived 9 days lost in the woods

    Andrew Devers set out to hike the Pratt River Trail near North Bend one morning, and didn't come back until he was rescued nine days later. He tells KUOW's Kim Malcolm how he survived on a can of SpaghettiOs and some berries.

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    Gathering to grieve again

    It’s summertime, the restrictions are lifted and people are ready to travel and see each other. Some friends and families are also taking care of some unfinished business, remembering loved ones lost during the months we couldn’t be together.

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    Casual Friday: It's summer! (while supplies last)

    Live music and mostly carefree crowds return. The city gets a new music festival while Bumbershoot takes another Labor Day off. And a shortage of workers could cramp the summer fun.