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Seattle Now

Local news explained. Get up to speed on the stories shaping Seattle, weekday mornings at 6 a.m.

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  • Seattle Now

    Attacks on Asian Americans 'a test' of summer protests

    High-profile attacks against Asian American seniors in the Bay Area are fueling calls for a law and order response. But Seattle Times columnist Naomi Ishisaka wants to keep the big picture in mind.

  • Seattle Now

    Bridging a vaccine trust gap

    Washington's vaccine rollout hasn't been equitable, especially for Black folks. One reason: broken trust between Black communities and the medical system. Today we talk to someone who's trying to rebuild it.

  • Seattle Now

    Grocery workers win hazard pay

    The grocery industry is pushing back against Seattle’s temporary four-dollar-an-hour pay hike for some workers. But the union that represents them says it will keep pushing too, to bring the pay bump to more cities. We talk about the push for hazard pay with Seattle Times reporter David Gutman.

  • Seattle Now

    Sawant email threats mystery solved

    When District 3 Councilmember Kshama Sawant got threats from a city employee, sent from their city email address, you may have thought: 'There’s no way someone would actually do that.' And you'd be right. Seattle Times crime reporter Sara Jean Green has the story.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: A new vision for the Northwest

    There’s a giant environment and energy proposal in congress that would reinvision a huge chunk of the West, including Washington. It comes from a surprising place: a Republican from a conservative rural district in Idaho.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: A phone for your grief

    In a quiet corner of Priest Point Park in Olympia, there is a telephone hanging on a tree that has no dial tone. It cannot make calls, but it is there for anybody who needs it.

  • Seattle Now

    Tiniest farmer on earth?

    A story about how massive ant colonies work together to find food, from our friends at KUOW's The Wild podcast.

  • Seattle Now

    Voices of the Pandemic

    It's been a full year of grief and loss. But also joy, and surprising connections. You’ve been telling us all about it through KUOW's Voices of the Pandemic series.