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AI and automation is changing the workplace. Are you ready?

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Let's travel to the future for a moment and step inside a fish and chips joint for some lunch. Inside - the manager is planning a new promotional campaign. She's thinking of who's coming in, and what they want to eat. And she's doing it using Big Data.

Data plans a menu, data even says what music to play.

The restaurant industry is just one workforce that will be transformed and changed by artificial intelligence.

So how do we prepare for that future?

Rob Girling is one of the founders of the Seattle company Artefact Group, which specializes in so-called human-centered design. Cesar Keller is the founder and CEO of the tech startup Workplace 21. He's an investor who studies the future of work and education.

They both talked to Bill Radke about how workplaces are changing and what types of jobs and skills we will need to meet that change.

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