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Bob Hasegawa vaped for this photo shoot and it was awesome

After their formal interviews, we asked candidates to answer less traditional questions. Scroll down to read their handwritten responses.

Bob Hasegawa, state senator and proud Teamster (former commercial truck driver), is a third generation Seattleite. He grew up on Beacon Hill, still lives there now and bemoans the days when kids played in the street and he walked two blocks to the corner store to buy his dad a pack of cigarettes.

(He is also a proud vaper — this photo says as much, but so does his performance at Candidate Survivor, during which he vaped into his flute. And he has lovely handwriting. See below.)

Age: 64

Occupation: State senator / operating engineer / Teamster

Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Hometown: Seattle

On taxes: He says Seattle needs a more progressive tax system. “We as Seattleites are so good-hearted, but we keep going back to the same regressive tax system. That’s making it cost-prohibitive for seniors and those on fixed incomes to stay in Seattle.”

He’s also called for a freeze on so-called regressive taxes: “We just have to get a grip on the money we’re collecting and how it’s being spent.”

Position on Mayor Ed Murray sex abuse allegations: Hasegawa called the lawsuit against Murray “deeply disturbing,” according to The Seattle Times. But he added, according to the Times, “We are also a city and nation of laws, where everyone deserves due process.”

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