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Gideon Hall



  • caption: Ari Whidbey playing a broom like a guitar onstage before a Rhapsody Project event at the Black and Tan Hall in Seattle, on March 5th, 2023.

    ‘Weirdos who play music together’: The importance of ‘third places’ during the pandemic

    It’s easy to slip into a cycle of going to work or school and then coming home, day after day. You might feel the need for another place to go, to get away from that routine. But during the pandemic lockdown, there were suddenly a lot fewer of these ‘third places.’ RadioActive’s Gideon Hall looked at one of his ‘third places’ – a Seattle music organization – and how they’re coming back from being online.

  • caption: The 2023 spring RadioActive Advanced Producers and staff. Top row from left: Leila M'Baye, Idrissa Gaye, Hayden Andersen, Dash Pinck, and Colin Yuen. Middle row: Nina Tran, Anjali Einstein, Eva Solorio, Sadeen Al Ziyad, Ada Walther, Gideon Hall, and Terina Papatu. Front row: Antonio Nevarez, Jennifer Wing, and Dayana Capulong. Not pictured: Lily Turner and Kelsey Kupferer.

    Meet the 2023 RadioActive advanced youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our Advanced Producers Workshop to eleven graduates of our Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop. This spring, the youth producers spent five months with KUOW gaining advanced journalism and audio production skills.

  • caption: Christy Caravaglio smiles proudly in front of her public art installation in Burien. Sunshine makes the already bright colors look almost luminescent. Christy weaves yarn into the chain link fences she passes daily in an effort to brighten up the perpetually gray landscape.

    'I wanted to make them prettier': One artist's yarn lends color to south King County

    In a world of concrete and chain link that's overwhelmingly gray, the urge to beautify our communities isn't an uncommon one. But it takes a special kind of person to take the leap of actually doing something about it. RadioActive's Gideon Hall spoke to Christy Caravaglio, who, for the last four years, has been adding brilliant color to her local urban landscape.

  • caption: Gideon Hall and Ada Walther, graduates of RadioActive's 2022 Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop and the hosts of this showcase, in the KUOW studios.

    A RadioActive youth storytelling showcase

    What can interviews with the people we care about tell us about humanity as a whole? Radioactive Youth Media invites you to listen to a one-hour storytelling showcase, originally broadcast on KUOW 94.9. Join Gideon Hall and Ada Walther on a voyage through time.