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Hayden Andersen


  • caption: The 2023 spring RadioActive Advanced Producers and staff. Top row from left: Leila M'Baye, Idrissa Gaye, Hayden Andersen, Dash Pinck, and Colin Yuen. Middle row: Nina Tran, Anjali Einstein, Eva Solorio, Sadeen Al Ziyad, Ada Walther, Gideon Hall, and Terina Papatu. Front row: Antonio Nevarez, Jennifer Wing, and Dayana Capulong. Not pictured: Lily Turner and Kelsey Kupferer.

    Meet the 2023 RadioActive advanced youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our Advanced Producers Workshop to eleven graduates of our Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop. This spring, the youth producers spent five months with KUOW gaining advanced journalism and audio production skills.

  • caption: Tae-Hyang and Nam-Sook Yu on a recent trip to Seoul, South Korea.

    How my grandparents braved tragedy after immigrating to America, and what it means for me

    Each person who chooses to immigrate to the United States brings their own unique story and set of circumstances. For Tae-Hyang and Nam-Sook Yu, that was taking a chance and moving from South Korea to the United States. The settled in Seattle, where they faced discrimination and prejudice for the sake of their daughters’ education. RadioActive’s Hayden Andersen has this story about his grandparents and his family history.

  • caption: Thousands of students rallied on the steps of Seattle City Hall on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, after walking out of class in protest of gun violence in schools. Less than one week ago, a deadly shooting occurred at Seattle's Ingraham High School.

    How local youth are taking on school gun violence

    Gun violence in schools has only gotten more common in the past decade. Often, it’s young people themselves who are shouldering the burden of finding solutions to the crisis. Youth reporters Antonio Nevarez and Hayden Andersen explain what local youth advocates want to see, and how young people can get involved in solutions.

  • caption: Top row from left: Hayden Andersen, Kea Lani Diamond and Indigo Mays. Bottom row: Carter Ortiz, McKenna Kilayko and Dash Pinck.

    Meet the fall 2022 RadioActive youth podcast producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer an advanced podcasting workshop to six graduates of our Introduction to Radio Journalism Workshop. These teens have spent the fall at KUOW gaining advanced communications, audio production and journalism skills, all while producing two podcast episodes.