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Patricia Murphy



Patricia Murphy is the host of Seattle Now, a daily news podcast.

Her interviews focus on experts and newsmakers. Previously you could find Patricia on the beat reporting on military and veteran affairs, justice, and health.

In 2018 Patricia received a regional Edward R. Murrow award for a series about the motivations of young people who carry guns. In 2005 she received a national Edward R. Murrow award for her reporting on injection drug use.

Though her first job in news was throwing hard copies of the Sunday paper from her bike, Patricia also graduated from Emerson College with a BS in Communications.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: she/her

Professional Affiliations: Dart Center, Ochberg Society for Trauma Journalism



  • How Boeing got like this

    This has been a year full of problems for Boeing. How did it get this way? Can the company change? Seattle Times reporter Dominic Gates gives us context.

  • WA employees are owed $5.4M in stolen wages

    Washington workers lose millions of dollars each year to wage theft: They’re just not paid for work they did. A new investigation from the Seattle Times finds many of those workers aren’t getting their money back, in part because of challenges with our state’s department of Labor and Industries. The total amount owed since 2 Seattle Times journalists Taylor Blatchford and Jackie Varriano break it down for us today.

  • Adderall stock

    More Seattleites have ADHD than ever, but finding meds and docs is a challenge

    An increase in awareness about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD has led to more people being diagnosed with the disorder and wider recognition of challenges faced by neurodivergent workers. But the uptick has had an unintended side effect — a nationwide shortage of stimulants used to treat ADHD such as Adderall, Concerta, and Vyvanse.

  • Casual Friday with Geraldine DeRuiter and Marcus Harrison Green

    This week… Should Pike Place Market be pedestrian-only? Seattle City Council is reigniting that debate for the thousandth time. Amazon is moving away from its “Just Walk Out” technology, which isn’t as futuristic as it seems. And remember in 1989, when the Space Needle collapsed? We look back on one of Seattle’s most infamous April Fools’ jokes. Author Geraldine DeRuiter and South Seattle Emerald Founder Marcus Harrison Green are here to break down the week.

  • Living with ADHD in WA is hard right now

    Odds are you know someone with ADHD, even though you might not realize it. Lots more people have been diagnosed in the past few years and that’s making it hard for some to get vital medication. ADHD advocate and author Jessica McCabe is excited about the shifting dialogue, but not so much about the shortages many people locally are experiencing. She has tips to help manage ADHD with or without medication.

  • The Seattle City Council wants cheaper food delivery

    You may have noticed your Doordash order got even more expensive. The Seattle City Council says it’s working on it. A minimum wage law for gig workers went into effect in January, and this more business-friendly council is already reconsidering. Seattle Times City Hall Reporter David Kroman is here to talk about it.

  • Orcas that visit Puget Sound are actually two distinct species

    Orcas have a long special history in the Pacific Northwest. New research shows that the two types of killer whales that frequent Puget Sound are actually two distinct species. We’ll talk with Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes about what this means for the conservation of the endangered southern residents.

  • Every day is April Fools' Day with The Needling

    Last week, Chihuly Garden and Glass shattered its museum’s ceiling to celebrate Women’s History Month… Just kidding! Happy April Fools’ Day. That was a recent headline from The Needling, Seattle's only real fake news site. We love a good self-deprecating joke around here, and Needling stories provide plenty. They also give us a chance to look at the city in a different way. Needling editor Lex Vaughan is here to talk about what Seattle finds funny, and what that says about us.

  • Casual Friday with Andrew Walsh and Rachel Belle

    This week… The City Council is weighing whether or not to keep paying app-based delivery drivers a minimum wage. The Mariners are back, along with some fun new food! And if you’re not a member, your time is running out to get a delicious cheap hot dog at the Costco food court. Too Beautiful To Live Podcast Co-Host Andrew Walsh and Your Last Meal Podcast Host Rachel Belle are here to break down the week.

  • Rage and Hope: M's opening day is here

    It was a contentious off-season for the Mariners, but Opening Day of baseball today… Hot dogs, beer and complicated emotions are in Seattle’s future. Whether you’re a die-hard or a casual fan, there’s plenty to be excited about with this year’s Mariners team. Seattle Now Producer and baseball superfan Vaughan Jones is here to talk about it.