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A 'gajillion' jellies wash ashore

Velella velella, also called “by-the-wind sailor” jellies, that washed ashore at Moolack Beach, Oregon, in 2018
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By-the wind sailor jellyfish are washing to shore by the trillions, you might see them on your next beach trip. Former Washington state auditor may finally have to address skeletons in the closet as he faces charges for theft from nine years ago. Representative Kirsten Harris Talley tell us about Washington legislatures gains in police accountability and the challenges. And, an immersive Van Gogh exhibit coming to town is not a scam after all.

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By the wind jellies wash ashore

If you walk Washington’s ocean beaches in the spring, you may notice a number of slimy -- or crispy --creatures that could fit in your hand. These are by-the-wind sailor jellyfish. Bill Radke spoke with professor Julia Parrish of UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences about why these slimy creatures are coming up the west coast by the trillions.

Former auditor faces corruption charges

Former Washington state auditor, Troy Kelley, was accused of theft nine years ago when he was running for state auditor-- the auditor is in charge of rooting out corruption, fraud and waste. This week, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal. Bill Radke spoke with KUOW’s Olympia correspondent, Austin Jenkins about this story of hubris.

Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley on WA state policing legislation

Reimagining police is posing a challenge to both Seattle City Council and the state legislature. Bill Radke spoke with WA State Representative Kirsten Harris-Talley about making gains towards police accountability and the challenges.

A different Van Gogh exhibit after all

When people in Seattle bough tickets to an upcoming Van Gogh exhibit, many thought they were getting a beautiful multi-room experience. Like the one they saw on the Netflix original show, Emily in Paris. The show coming to town is different, but it is one the first ticket events the public can go to since the beginning of the pandemic. Bill Radke spoke with Jasmyne Keimig, a staff writer and art critic at The Stranger.

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