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Citizen activist, or tax dodger? Tim Eyman on trial

caption: After over a year of working remotely, a return to the office raises questions.
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After over a year of working remotely, a return to the office raises questions.

Washington’s most prominent anti-tax campaigner is in court again for his repeated violations of campaign finance law. At a critical time for cultural institutions, a look back at 35 years of Seattle art with retiring arts reporter Marcie Sillman. And what does a safe and healthy Thanksgiving look like as the state returns to strict measures meant to stem the spread of COVID-19.

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(One of) Tim Eyman's day(s) in court

Tim Eyman’s story is nothing if not colorful; it includes contempt of court and the brazen theft of a rolling desk chair from an office goods store. But this time he’s in court over accusations of having used his anti-tax crusades to enrich himself. The Seattle Times’ David Gutman has the story.

Seattle arts with Marcie Sillman: past, present, and future

KUOW’s arts and culture reporter Marcie Sillman has been covering the city’s scene for thirty-five years. As she retires, and amid a global pandemic, Marcie reflected with longtime colleague Bill Radke on why art is the soul of Seattle.

A COVID Thanksgiving

Governor Inslee announced a return to springtime shutdown markers in order to quell a surging COVID-19 wave. What does that mean for your family this holiday season? We asked Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist with the Georgetown Center for Global Health Science and Security.

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