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Dry brush your way to expensive enlightenment

caption: Think of the circulation and dermatological youthfulness that could be yours.
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Think of the circulation and dermatological youthfulness that could be yours.

What to do when you’ve been Goop’d. What is an advisory vote? A city named for Chief Sealth gets its first Indigenous food-focused restaurant. And when the American dream becomes the American nightmare.

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Wellness Culture

The world of high-end wellness has been championed by Gwyneth Paltrow, and more locally by folks like Hannah Exner, founder of Three Moon Collective. She’s joined on the show by Hailey McLennan and Megan Candelario, who host The Sage Sisters podcast.

What Are Advisory Votes?

Election Day is three weeks away. The ballot will feature something – several things – called advisory votes. What do they mean, and where did they come from? Seattle Times reporter Joseph O’Sullivan has the answers.

Off the Rez Cafe

Five years ago, Seattle City Council voted to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It coincides with the reopening of the Burke Museum, which features the first Seattle restaurant focused on Native American cuisine. KUOW’s Ruby de Luna profiled Off the Rez Café.

Aarti Shahani, "Here We Are"

Aarti Shahani covers business and technology at NPR. But in a new memoir, she tells her own story as an undocumented immigrant and the ways in which it pulled her family apart. Her new memoir is Here We Are: American Dreams, American Nightmares.

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