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Everett commits to 100 percent clean energy by 2045

caption: Everett City Council, 2019
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Everett City Council, 2019
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The city of Everett plans to phase out fossil fuels over the next 25 years to fight climate change.

The Everett City Council last week committed to using 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2045. Everett aims to use only clean energy, with measures including electric vehicles and green buildings.

"I used to believe, up until two or three years ago — perhaps naively — that this was an issue that we could count on somebody else to solve for us,” Councilmember Scott Murphy said. “I now believe that it's up to us at the grassroots level to do what we can."

"I believe that Everett can make a radical change for our future because I believe that our future depends on it," civil engineer Kimberly Busteed of Everett said, testifying in favor of the plan.

No members of the public spoke against the plan. It passed 8-0.

The cities of Edmonds, Bellingham and Spokane and Snohomish and Whatcom counties have passed similar resolutions to use only climate-friendly energy.

State legislators are considering a measure to phase out coal- and gas-powered electricity by the year 2045. That measure passed the Washington state Senate in March and is being debated in the House.

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