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Dark-skinned girls and the struggle to feel beautiful

caption: Two teens smile for the camera in this stock photo.
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Two teens smile for the camera in this stock photo.

Colorism isn’t just another term. It is an experience.

In the black community, dark-skinned girls and women are often seen as less desirable than their light-skinned counterparts. After being constantly told that they are “too dark” or seeing only fair-skinned women be considered beautiful in their communities, dark-skinned girls often struggle to feel beautiful growing up.

In this episode of the RadioActive podcast, Leila Abe and Mimi Zekaryas talk with dark-skinned girls about how colorism has impacted them.

This podcast was created in KUOW's RadioActive Intro to Journalism Workshop for 15-18 year olds at Jack Straw Cultural Center, with production support from Aliyah Musaliar. Edited by Ann Kane.

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