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One day we’ll be living in a post-vaccine world. What then?

caption: Remember hugs?
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Things that will change, and several things that won’t. A look at how the Samish tribal government is adapting to socially distant times. And the return of no-bid contracts.

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What happens once we get a coronavirus vaccine?

Let’s say a vaccine was announced tomorrow. Would you be in line the day after that? Will you stop wearing masks? Will we go back to work? Hilary Godwin is Dean of the University of Washington School of Public Health, and she says there are some things from this pandemic that will be with us for a long time – some good, some bad. One of those things will be COVID itself, due to expected lower vaccine usage.

Samish Indian Nation and COVID

The Samish Indian Nation is more distributed than many tribes in the Pacific Northwest. That’s helped them in some ways, says the nation’s general manager Leslie Eastwood. But it’s things like the census, says planning department grantwriter David Strich.

Austin Jenkins on no-bid contracts

The state was supposed to avoid no-bid contracts in favor of a competitive bidding process. Then came the COVID-19 crisis. KUOW’s Austin Jenkins reports on what happened next.

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