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Trans 'die-in' at Amazon disrupts company Pride party


ransgender Amazon workers and allies disrupted the company's Pride Month celebration Wednesday and staged a "die-in" on Amazon's South Lake Union campus.

Trans-rights supporters say Amazon continues to sell books that knowingly promote transphobia.

They chanted, "Show me what community looks like!" to a crowd of Amazon employees and onlookers between two corporate buildings.

Activists wrapped themselves in pink and blue trans pride flags and lay on the ground.

It was a message of the harm that discrimination can cause against LGBTQ people.

The die-in was scheduled to start just before the company's LGBTQ employee group Glamazon held flag raising ceremony to mark the kickoff of Amazon's Pride Month celebration.

In response, an Amazon spokesperson says in a statement: ""As a company, we believe strongly in diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a bookseller, we’ve chosen to offer a very broad range of viewpoints, including books that conflict with our company values and corporate positions. We believe that it’s possible to do both – to offer a broad range of viewpoints in our bookstore, and support diversity, equity, and inclusion."

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