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Dead Whale Returns To Oregon Coast

Sep 20, 2016

The humpback whale whose carcass washed ashore near Arch Cape over the weekend, and then left with the high tide, is back again.

This time, the remains washed up at Oswald West State Park just south of Arch Cape.

State park staff plan interpretive talks at 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday about the whale at the park, whether the remains are still there, or not.

"The twice-daily high tides predicted over the next few weeks are not expected to be high enough to take it back out to sea, though it is still possible for it to wash out," staff said in a press release Tuesday.

Researchers have federal permits to collect samples from the carcass and try to determine why it died.

During warmer months, park staff will often bury the remains of marine mammals that wash up on Oregon's beaches to prevent smell on the busy beaches. But staff intend to leave the 38-foot carcass to decay naturally.

"Scavengers and microorganisms will consume and recycle the tissue over the course of several weeks," staff said.

Visitors are permitted to observe the whale, but are asked not to touch the remains.

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