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Week in Review: Tolling, Seattle sterotypes and a head tax

Oct 27, 2017

Seattle City Councilmember Mike O'Brien is one of the lawmakers proposing to study the idea of tolling -- not just 520 or Highway 99, but Seattle surface streets, too. The new waterfront tunnel is going to have a toll. That toll will cause some drivers to spill onto our already-crowded surface streets and congestion pricing could help with that, but is it the only way to ease downtown traffic?

The National Park Service says it wants to nearly triple the entrance fee at America's most frequently visited national parks, including Mount Rainier and Olympic national park. The peak season fee would go from $25 to $70 to pay for maintenance. Will this be stopping you from going to these national parks?

And would you let Amazon into your house to deliver a package?

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Our panel this week:

Gyasi Ross @BigIndianGyasi is a Seattle attorney and host of the podcast, Breakdances with Wolves

Chris Vance @Chrisvance123 is the former Washington State Republican Party chair

Jessyn Farrell @jessynfarrell1 is a former state representative from the 46th district