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  • caption: Peter McKee playing banjo for his Ballard neighbors during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Postcard: Ducklings and banjo music

    Suzanne on Capitol Hill found comfort in the ducklings at Volunteer Park. For her, observing the natural world brought a sense of peace during a time that felt, and sometimes still feels, really scary. For Peter in Ballard, it was music.

  • caption: Matt Preston sent us this photo of his dog in a "pandemic urban meadow" near Boeing Field.

    Postcard: The dogs we love

    We hear from two listeners who found unexpected solace in the places -- and PETS -- they love.

  • caption: A mural of a healthcare worker wearing personal protective equipment is shown through the window of a passing King County Metro bus on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, along South Main Street in Seattle. As Seattle businesses, coffee shops and restaurants shut down amid the pandemic, plywood replaced their many entrances and windows. Artists transformed that plywood into murals bearing messages of hope and resilience.

    Postcards from a Pandemic

    We asked about the pandemic moments that will stay with you, or changed you in some way. Here's what you told us.

  • caption: Anonymous stencil art along the bike path of Seattle's Mt. Baker Tunnel, west of the I-90 floating bridge.

    Postcard: I am not OK

    We hear from Drew in Seattle's Central District, who takes us to a place in the city that will forever remind him of living through this pandemic.