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  • Sound Quiz: Urban Wildlife Quiz Night

    For this Sound Quiz, the winning topic is "urban wildlife" AKA our non-human neighbors! Why do woodpeckers tap on the metal caps on chimneys? What animals should I really be worried about when I hike in Washington? Are cougars really following me? Can crows hold a grudge? Are we outnumbered by coyotes? Where did all these rabbits come from?! Come test your critter knowledge, ask burning questions about urban wildlife and compete for the title of Sound Quiz Wiz!

    LocationWhere: The Knife Room Get Tickets


  • Race, Gender and Bold Parenting: Jodie Patterson on Raising Her Transgender Son

    Join KUOW and The Fold for a conversation with Brooklyn based author and activist, Jodie Patterson. KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel, Jodie Patterson and local LGBTQ advocate Spencer Bergstedt will explore race, gender and the complex themes surrounding raising a transgender child.

    The program begins at 6:30 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m. Registration required; Tickets are $5.

    Jodie Patterson is an activist, author and the founder of cosmetic companies Doobop and Georgia. Patterson is the mother of five, including her 8-year-old transgender son Penelope. Patterson is an LGBTQ ally committed to bringing underrepresented voices into the mainstream. Her debut book is The Bold World: A Memoir of Family and Identity.

    Spencer Bergstedt is a consultant, public speaker, educator and author specializing in LGBTQ workplace, health care and educational inclusion issues. Spencer has been advocating for LGBTQ people for over 30 years. His lived experience as a transman combined with his legal expertise on transgender issues has garnered him an international reputation for both scholarly theory and practical application.

    LocationWhere: Impact Hub Seattle Get Tickets
  • Ask Me Another

    KUOW welcomes Ask Me Another to Seattle! Join us for a night of stupidly smart fun. Think fast as host Ophira Eisenberg throws trivia questions, puzzles and brainteasers at special guests and contestants. Featuring witty banter and guitar riffs from one-man house band Jonathan Coulton, it’s the mind-bending live show you’ve come to love. Only live-er. This episode will be taped at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. Super special VIP: TBA. Ask Me Another is a co-production of NPR and WNYC.

    LocationWhere: The Moore Theatre Get Tickets
  • Front Row Center: Summer of 69

    Join KUOW's Arts and Culture Reporter, Marcie Sillman after the show for a Front Row Center! Woodstock. The moon landing. Vietnam. Stonewall. In the summer of 1969, current events churned into an era of rebellion and change. SMC transports us back to this vibrant year through the chart-topping, culture-defining music that blared through turntables and transistor radios. Joining with a coalition of LGBTQ choruses across the country, we also present "Quiet No More," an inspiring new musical theater work that tells the stories of the Stonewall riots and the birth of the struggle to live life out loud.

    LocationWhere: Benaroya Hall Get Tickets