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Secure News Tips

Share sensitive messages and materials with KUOW journalists using Signal or WhatsApp on your personal device.

Signal is free and offers end-to-end encryption for messages and calls. It doesn’t collect information about who you are communicating with. It retains your phone number and the last time you used the app. Here is an advanced guide on how journalists use Signal.

WhatsApp is also a free end-to-end encryption messaging app, but it may collect information about who you are communicating with and when. Other considerations when contacting us:

  • Please keep your apps and phone’s operating system up to date. Developers regularly fix vulnerabilities that may affect the security of your phone.
  • Never use a work device, network or location to reach us anonymously.
  • KUOW will not know your real name, unless you choose to tell us. If you do tell us who you are, we can protect your identity or discuss with you how you would like to be identified, if at all.

Snail mail is also a secure way to reach us confidentially. Don’t put your return address on the outside and don’t mail from your work. You can mail us paper documents or digital files on a thumb drive.

Mailing Address:


4518 University Way NE #310

Seattle, WA 98105