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caption: Photos with Santa will look a little different this year.
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Photos with Santa will look a little different this year.

2020 addition to the elves’ workshop: PPE

How being a COVID Santa is going, and a look at the media of our time: books, cartoons, and film.

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What’s it like being Santa for a pandemic Christmas? Bill Radke speaks to Kris Kringle (alias Dan Kemmis) from the North Pole bubble on Greenwood Ave.

Unstreamable holidays

When you’ve gone through the bulk of your streaming holiday options, what then? Go analog, say Jasmyne Keimig and Chase Burns of The Stranger’s column Unstreamable.

Political cartoons for our times

As the age of Trump winds down, what has it been like to draw him as a political cartoonist? Sometimes, says Seattle Times cartoonist David Horsey, the hardest part is pulling a drawing out of a president who can be a caricature in his own right.

2020 reading list

If you’re looking for a fully analog source of holiday entertainment, may we interest you in the ancient technology of books? Writer Sarah Neilson has some end-of-year book suggestions for you.