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caption: Model Jessy Parr at Seattle's Selfie Museum.
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Model Jessy Parr at Seattle's Selfie Museum.

A trip to the Selfie Museum, Tom Hanks be damned

Hashtag GPOY. Quarantine rights. The Soul of Seattle. And what’s Normal, anyway?

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Seattle Selfie Museum

Hordes of tourists with cameras on sticks. High school students with duck lips. What do you think of when you hear the world “selfie”? Now there’s a museum dedicated to selfies where you yourself are the artwork. Seattle model and photographer Jessy Parr, better known as @modachrome, visited the museum and joined Bill Radke to discuss the experience.

WA coronavirus quarantine

The Seattle area now has two quarantine centers for the novel coronavirus. That’s twice the number of quarantine centers than there have been cases of the illness in the state of Washington. But what rights do quarantined people have? James Hodge is director at the Center for Public Health Law and Policy at Arizona State University.

The Soul of Seattle

What happens when we miss the stories that go into a recipe? The story of Black food is the story of American food, but the former isn’t always seen as haute cuisine. With the Soul of Seattle dinner and party, chef Edouardo Jordan and historian Toni Tipton-Martin (along with nine other Seattle chefs) challenged that narrative.

Magdalena and Nathaniel Newman, Normal

Magdalena and Nathaniel Newman are mother and son book authors. Nathaniel is still in high school, which makes his work unusual. But also unusual is the fact that he has Treacher Collins Syndrome, which is the focus of each of their memoirs. The two sat down with Bill Radke to discuss Magda’s book, Normal.