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caption: Cosmic crisp apples in Wenatchee.
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Cosmic crisp apples in Wenatchee.

An apple that’s out of this world

Cosmically crisp, or all hype? Amazon’s funding of city council races, and media’s unequal coverage of candidates based on race. Toy worlds of climate change. And inside the president’s war on the FBI.

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Cosmic crisp apple

The Cosmic Crisp apple is now coming to a grocery store near you. But KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel spoke to food reporter Dan Charles two years ago, before the apple was even a glimmer in the farmers market’s eye.

Politics panel: Mike McGinn + Marilyn Strickland

Tis the season of politics; this week Ross Reynolds spoke with former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn and Marilyn Strickland, President/CEO of Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

Toy worlds for climate change

How can you use a so-called toy world to figure out how climate change might affect our own? Abigail Swann has the answer; she’s an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington.

Josh Campbell, Crossfire Hurricane

Josh Campbell spent his career as an FBI agent – serving not only as a counterterrorism investigator, but as part of the initial investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. His new book is Crossfire Hurricane: Inside Trump’s War on the FBI.