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Are golf courses the solution to affordable housing?

caption: Golf cart parked at a course
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Golf cart parked at a course

Seattle's trying to decide if it should keep its four public golf courses as is. The US Women's soccer team set a new record! Would embracing air conditioning make us less "eco-friendly"? And is the cottonwood fluff worse than it used to be?

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Golf courses and affordable housing

Shaun Scott, former editor of Real Change News and candidate for the 4th district City Council seat. Laura Loe, volunteer housing organizer and founder of Share The Cities. And Aaron Levine, Sports Director at Q13 Fox, all chime in on how they think Seattle should use its public golf courses.

Jen Cooper, Women's World Cup 2019

Yesterday was the first match of the 2019 Women's World Cup. And the US Women's team made a bit of a splash, winning their game against Thailand with 13-0. That's a record across all FIFA tournaments in history. Jen Cooper, host of the Mixxed Zone podcast, was following the game.

Matt Simon, Air Conditioning

It’s time to accept it - Seattle is getting air conditioning. The percentage of users is nowhere near other cities and yet, every year it goes up. Matt Simon is a staff science writer for Wired Magazine and wrote about the possibility of creating carbon neutral air conditioners.

SoundQ's Podcast, Cottonwood Fluff

A message came into the voicemail for our SoundQ’s team recently. It’s from a listener who grew up here and says she’s never seen as much cottonwood fluff as she has this spring. Is it getting worse? And if so, why?

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