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caption: Scrabble tiles spell out the words "hedge fund".
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Scrabble tiles spell out the words "hedge fund".

Behind the moneyed curtain with Gary Shteyngart

You could go with this, or you could go with that. But why choose, when you could have 2Thangs?

Reporting on sexual abuse within the Catholic church seems to be a steady presence in the news. That, according to abuse survive Stephen O'Connor, is because the church has not shown an adequate commitment to transparency - or a desire to truly solve the problem.

In author Gary Shteyngart's new novel Lake Success, we explore the world of hedge fund managers - many of whom are choking on the money they thought would make them whole.

The Seahawks have started their season out on a less-than-stellar note. We asked Michael-Shawn Dugar, Seahawks reporter for The Athletic, about the narratives that shape this year's team in the public eye.

You may have seen the mural of Bettie Page that overlooks I-5, before and after its defacement. Afterward, you probably also noticed an addition: drag queen Divine. The artist who put her there is Matthew Brennan IV, alias 2Thangs. He spoke with Bill Radke about his work and some of the thangs he's juxtaposed in the past.