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Bifocals off, sunglasses on: what are you reading this summer?

caption: What's making the cut for your carryon this summer?
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What's making the cut for your carryon this summer?

Fire up your readers: we got you. What does “sanctuary jurisdiction” mean when the rubber hits the road? When science, nature, and environmental education come to inmates. And what’s killing casual dining? (Hint: probably not millennials.)

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Summer reads

Summer reading season! Whether that means zippy light reads or diving into the giant tomes you only have time for on vacation, we’ve got you covered. Karen Maeda Allman is author events co-coordinator at the Elliott Bay Book Company; she was joined by local artist Kira Jane Buxton.

ICE still accessing King County Jail records, despite law

ICE agents have continued accessing King County jail records since a law was passed in 2018 banning that information collection without a warrant. Those rolls were accessed by immigration agents more than a thousand times. The Seattle Times’ Nina Shapiro is following the story.

Sustainability in Prisons Project

The Sustainability in Prisons Project is a work program in Washington state that offers jobs from endangered frog breeder to the excellently titled “butterfly technician.” Kelli Bush is the program’s co-director; Nichole Alexander is a former participant.

Kevin Alexander, Burn the Ice

Seattle chain Restaurants Unlimited has filed for bankruptcy. Among other things, they blame the $15 minimum wage and a national trend away from casual dining. Kevin Alexander is writer-at-large at Thrillist; his book is called Burn the Ice: The American Culinary Revolution and its End.

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