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“But are they electable?”

What is electability, anyway? Parents protest, but hesitate to pull their kids out of Kennedy Catholic High School. And how keeping calm might be one of the best public health choices you could make.

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There’s a shirt circulating on the internet. The safe for work version says, “She’s Electable if You Vote for Her.” How real is the perception of electability? Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Former Washington State Republican Party Chair Chris Vance and Katie Anthony of Katy Kati Kate weigh in.

Kennedy Catholic High School Parent

The President of Burien’s Kennedy Catholic High School is on leave after two teachers left the school because they were in same-gender partnerships. Parents and students have been involved in protests, including parent Emily Lynn Paulson.

Nicole Errett, Coronavirus

CVS has been sold out of masks for weeks; Costco keeps running out of toilet paper. Could this panic-induced behavior make the pandemic worse? Maybe, says Nicole Errett of the University of Washington School of Public Health. She co-authored a piece called “When it comes to coronavirus, we shouldn’t let our feelings trump the facts.”