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caption: A posted notice to evict.
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A posted notice to evict.

But landlords: it’s cold outside

Seattle city council votes to ban winter evictions. And a conversation with Diane Rehm about how you’d like to die.

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Winter evictions ban

This week, the city council banned evicting people during the coldest, wettest months of the year. The rationale is that evictions are one of the main events that leads to homelessness, and that putting people on the street during winter is cruel and dangerous. But how will it work? And who will pay for it? KUOW homelessness reporter Kate Walters has been following the story.

Diane Rehm, When My Time Comes

Former public radio host Diane Rehm has written a new book called When My Time Comes. She spoke to Bill Radke, and to listeners, about how we and our loved ones want the end of life to go.