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caption: Clyde Ford and his new book, Think Black.
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Clyde Ford and his new book, Think Black.
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Clyde Ford wants you to look at tech and Think Black

How to think differently in (and about) STEM. Did the college admissions scandal have any impact on the UW? And what it means to be an ungrateful refugee.

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Clyde Forde, Think Black

IBM’s slogan for 100 years has been “Think.” Apple helped themselves to the concept, imploring people to “Think Different.” Clyde Ford is an African-American engineer whose father worked at IBM before him, and he has another challenge: Think Black.

UW vs. the college admissions scandal

Actress Felicity Huffman will be spending 14 days in jail following her part in the college bribery scandal. During the fortnight she will spend in jail, we wondered: does this scandal touch the University of Washington? Bob Stacey is the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Ed Taylor is vice provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Dina Nayeri, The Ungrateful Refugee

To be plucked from a refugee camp and resettled in small town America – a lucky break, right? Something for which anyone should be grateful. Iran-American refugee Dina Nayeri wrote a viral piece in The Guardian a few years ago that begged to differ. It was called “The ungrateful refugee: we have no debt to repay.” In her new book The Ungrateful Refugee: Stories Immigrants Never Tell You, she argues that if anyone owes a debt, it’s America.