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Ignite#38 Speakers

Confessions of an Uber driver and a former dominatrix at Ignite #38

It’s hard to predict what might happen at an Ignite Seattle talk, but previous audiences know that whatever it is, it’s going to be illuminating, ambitious and a bit adventurous.

This time 11 speakers were chosen from 82 submissions.

They ranged from an Uber driver’s confessions, to breaking the 'color code', to dating tips from a former Dominatrix, among others. The crowd is supportive at Ignite events, and the talks are a brisk five minutes.

Scott Berkun emceed the event, which took place on February 28 at the SIFF Egyptian theater in Capitol Hill.

The next Ignite Seattle (#39) is on June 6.

The list of speakers and talks from Ignite #38:

The Unbearable Lightness of Being… (Bruce Dawson)

Dating Tips from a Former Dominatrix (Miss Kaila Yi)

Intersections: What Uber Has Taught Me About Humanity (Andrew Spink)

How Parents Can Break the “Color Code” (Nayah Ndefru)

How to Make a Hyperbolic Paraboloid ( Danielle Fague)

Civil Disobedience: A Beginner’s View ( Tae Phoenix)

Convincing People: An Attorney’s Guide to Negotiation ( Alexander Theoharis)

Speakeasies, Felons, and Prohibition Moonshine: A Family DNA Love Story (Tracy Romoser)

Life After Death: An Instructional Guide ( Heather Smith)

When My Husband Said, “I Don’t Want My Penis Anymore” ( Kate Pond)

• Run, Forrest Stump, Run! ( Nicole Ver Kuilen)

Listen to the full event below: