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Consumer Reports finds heavy metals in popular chocolate bars, including 2 products from Seattle

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Consumer Reports tested a range of chocolates and found heavy metals (lead and cadmium) in 28 popular dark chocolate bars, including products by Ghirardelli, Hershey’s, Trader Joe's, Lindt, and Seattle-based Theo Chocolate.

Two products from Theo Chocolate are on Consumer Reports' list, including "Organic Pure Dark 70% Cocoa" and "Organic Extra Dark Pure Dark Chocolate 85% Cocoa."

In a statement, Theo Chocolate said “... we are confident that our products meet the standards set forth in our industry and are safe to be consumed.”

UW Medicine registered dietitian Judy Simon says there is no need to panic — you can still eat dark chocolate.

“I would say, especially for pregnant women and children, probably not more than an ounce of a day of dark chocolate of these ones that are found to have a little bit higher levels of lead and cadmium.”

"These heavy metals are ubiquitous, they're in the air, they're in the soil," Simon said.

Consumer Reports has issued a letter to the chocolate companies, along with 55,000 petition signatures, urging them to make a commitment to address the heavy metals.

Researchers used California’s cadmium and lead limits for their study because there are no federal limitations set on heavy metals in foods.

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