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caption: Knute Berger, Joni Balter, C.R. Douglas and Bill Radke.
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Knute Berger, Joni Balter, C.R. Douglas and Bill Radke.
Credit: KUOW Photo/Alison Bruzek

Democrats debate and an astronaut returns, this week

Bill Radke reviews the week's news with C.R. Douglas, reporter at Q13 News, Knute Berger, columnist for Crosscut, and Joni Balter, host of Seattle Channel's Civic Cocktail.

The first round of debates was held this week for the 20 Democrats vying for the presidential nomination. Our panel looks at the winners and losers.

And in politics closer to home: Why did 11 Oregon state senate Republicans flee their state? And did their protest of a climate change bill work?

Plus, we talk about the decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court this week and how they affect local residents, and how a murder trial underway in Everett could set a new precedent of whether a DNA match is enough for conviction.

Also, with the new jobs on the way to Seattle from both Expedia and Apple, what kind of infrastructure does the city still need?

Finally, we talk about protests against David Meinert's liquor license for a cafe, banned e-cigarettes in San Francisco, and a Spokane astronaut's return to Earth.