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caption: Friendship by Lydia Denworth
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Friendship by Lydia Denworth
Credit: KUOW Photo/Alison Bruzek

Does romantic love trump all?

Friendship. ICE flights. Primary swagger. And mudslide-induced cabin fever.

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Lydia Denworth, Friendship

Friday is Valentine’s Day. But what about Galentine’s Day, amirite? Science journalist Lydia Denworth has written a new book called Friendship: The Evolution, Biology and Extraordinary Power of Life's Fundamental Bond.

ICE flights from Boeing Field

The Department of Justice is suing King County for banning deportation flights from Boeing Field. Angelina Godoy, Director of the Center for Human Rights at the University of Washington, helped get those flights banned. U.S. Attorney Brian Moran defends the federal government.

Earlier Washington primary

Now that Washington’s primary has been moved up by two months, the state’s vote actually matters. To find out why, Bill Radke spoke to Mark A. Smith, political science professor at the University of Washington.

Trapped in the Skyview Estates

Imagine being trapped by a mudslide in your home. For Korren Karholis, there’s no need to imagine at all – she’s a resident and board member of Skyview Estates, where the main road was knocked out last weekend by a slide that could take months to repair.