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Energy storage proposal prompts controversy in Renton

Turning away from fossil fuels is the key challenge for saving the global climate. That means producing more energy from clean sources, but also storing it to be available when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

A proposal for energy storage in Renton has led to conflict there.

A Nebraska company wants to build industrial-scale energy storage facility in Renton. It would be nine acres of buildings with lithium batteries inside.

The rural spot that the company has picked isn’t zoned for industry. Neighbors living 50 feet away are crying foul.

“We do believe in green energy, but not if it threatens communities, families, the environment," said Renton nurse Nicola Robinson while speaking at Monday's Renton City Council meeting.

The city put a six-month moratorium on battery storage proposals in April while it figures out where they can be installed safely and legally.

Lithium-battery plants in other western states have caught fire and have even exploded.

Energy experts say we can expect a lot more storage to be built as the nation tries to convert from dirty power to clean.

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