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caption: Freight containers on a ship in Seattle's Elliott Bay.
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Freight containers on a ship in Seattle's Elliott Bay.

Fresh food rotting at U.S. ports as shipping costs rise

Several overseas companies have opted to let tons of fruit and vegetables, and other fresh foods, rot at U.S. ports amid rising transportation costs.

That’s according to Washington Senator Maria Cantwell, who pushed for the Ocean Shipping Reform Act.

“Well, when you think about our supply chain issue, everything's more expensive," Cantwell said. "And if you think about the cost of shipping being 41% more expensive, you can bet that that's adding down to the price of goods.”

The Ocean Shipping Reform Act — recently signed by President Biden — will pay for Federal Maritime Commission investigations into abandoned goods and skyrocketing shipping costs.

Sen. Cantwell hopes the new law will help consumers who are feeling the pinch at the grocery store.

In 2021, Washington state exported nearly $22 billion in agricultural products.