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caption: Rough root trail in the Hoh Rainforest.
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Rough root trail in the Hoh Rainforest.

Getting around, in the city and on the trails

State parks are reopening tomorrow; how can you keep the trails safe? And what about a jaunt around your neighborhood instead? You know who else is outside? MURDER HORNETS. Speaking with a nurse who helps loved ones say their final goodbyes, and some Voices of the Pandemic.

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State parks comeback

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to hit the trail heads again. Adventure and landscape photographer Meghan Young is here to tell you what NOT to do.

Seattle... Block Report?

If you do decide to wait until the first rush dies down to hit the mountain, you can always have an adventure in your own backyard. Librarian Susanna Ryan is behind the popular Instagram account (and new book) Seattle Walk Report. She talked with Bill Radke about her block report: all the things to see on the sidewalks around her home.

Murderous invaders

While you’re outside: keep an eye out for insects. The so-called murder hornet is an invasive species that poses a serious threat to native bees. Lila Westreich is a PhD candidate who researches native bee ecology and explained the problem.

Virginia Mason COVID-19

Virginia Mason Medical Centers have a new program that allows terminally ill COVID-19 patients to be joined by their loved ones in their final moments. Nurse Rebecca Maxim explained how it works.

Voices of the Pandemic: Scott Mahoney and Aneelah Afzali

KUOW’s Voices of the Pandemic series today brings us the stories of respiratory therapist Scott Mahoney, and American Muslim Empowerment Network director Aneelah Afzali.