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How accurate is your at-home DNA test kit?

caption: A collection of test tubes.
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A collection of test tubes.

Dr. Fuki Hisama medical director of the UW Medicine Genetic Medicine Clinic tells us why you shouldn't necessarily trust your results. We also talk about why adults with developmental disabilities are being sheltered at the hospital, and we hear about how the Seahawks, Huskies and Cougars played. Plus: What will be the new sound of Seattle's NHL team?

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How accurate is your DNA testing kit?

Bill Radke speaks to Fuki Hisama, medical director of the UW Medicine Genetic Medicine Clinic and a UW professor of Medicine and Medical Genetics, about test kits like Ancestry or 23&Me, and how much they can really tell you about your health.

Ombuds report on people with developmental disabilities

Some people with developmental disabilities are stuck living in hospitals in Washington state for weeks, sometimes months. And, according to a new ombuds report, this is not because of illness, but because of gaps in services. KUOW's Kate Walters explains what happened.

Seahawks are playoff-bound, Huskies lose the Rose Bowl

Bill Radke talks to Jessamyn McIntyre, executive producer of 710 Sports, about the outlook for the Seahawks and the end of the season for the Huskies and the Cougars.

What should Seattle NHL's theme music be?

Seattle NHL is partnering with KEXP to provide the in-arena music for the games. Bill Radke talks to Kevin Cole, chief content officer and afternoon DJ at KEXP about what music he might pick to play.

The Golden Record's journey into space

In 2017, Jeannie Yandel spoke to Joe Janes, associate professor at the University of Washington and host of the podcast "Documents That Changed The World," about why he considers NASA's Golden Record one of the most important letters in history.

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