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Courtroom illustration.

How do we define rape? And should that change?

Current legislation would force courts to reckon with how to determine consent. Seattle’s loss of the Reign is Tacoma’s gain. We speak to one of Washington’s faithless electors, and get to the bottom of the city’s problem with potholes.

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House Bill 1002

Note to listeners that this segment includes a description of events leading up to a sexual assault. House bill HB1002, and its companion state Senate bill, would remove the definition of consent from the statute that defines rape in the third degree. Director of King County Public Defense Anita Khandelwal and Ben Santos, Chair of King County Prosecutor's Special Assault Unit, have very different viewpoints about possible consequences.

Seattle Reign, meet Reign FC. In Tacoma.

The Seattle Reign is moving down the road. It’s also changing its name. What’s behind Reign FC’s sudden decampment? And what does it mean for Northwest soccer fans?

Faithless Elector

Howard Schultz has defined his independent presidential campaign, which many think could siphon off Democratic voters, as the best way to deny Donald Trump a second term. Brett Chiaffolo, and five other Washington State electors, tried to deny the president a first term in 2016. He became what’s called a faithless elector, not casting his vote for Hillary Clinton despite her win. And now he’s in court for it.

SoundQs: Potholes

You’re stuck in Seattle traffic, again. You finally start moving, when… pothole. Why? A KUOW listener asked KUOW’s SoundQs team, and reporter David Hyde took it to the street to find answers.