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'Iconic,' 'legendary,' 'tragic.' What words need a reboot?

Have you noticed how we often don’t say what we mean? Or we use language to hide something, or to frighten, or flatter, or insult, or get clicks? Meanwhile we’re devaluing some wonderful, precise language.

We can talk better!

KUOW's Bill Radke is hosting a new series about words.

During his more recent "Week In Review," Radke discussed the project with guests Allison Williams of Seattle Met, the Seattle Times’ Patrick Malone, and Geekwire’s Mike Lewis. Radke pointed out that the words “iconic” and “legendary” were used to describe the Boeing 747, Beth's Café, Northlake Tavern, Sue Bird, Soundgarden, Tom Brady, Alec Baldwin, Ozzy Osborne and Harrison Ford.

Do those words fit? Does the 747 qualify as “iconic”?

Take a listen, and when you think — “Oh, I know another suspicious phrase” — let Radke know, and he will put it under his proverbial microscope.

Or you can text your word, phrase, or idea to 206-926-9955.

Whenever Radke has new episode, he will drop it into this Week In Review podcast feed, so look for it in the middle of the week.