Author G. Willow Wilson.
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Author G. Willow Wilson.
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'If justice is what you want, then you may often be right, but you will rarely be happy'

The dangers of hard borders around identity. WA takes the lead as the cleanest state in the nation. A look behind the scenes of Nirvana. And a new city counselor – for now.

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G. Willow Wilson, The Bird King

An increasingly volatile economy, attempts to project international power, a violent attempt to push out foreigners. We could be speaking about 2019 America, but it was also true in 1491 Spain. Author G. Willow Wilson’s latest book, The Bird King, is set in the waning days of the Reconquista. It looks at what the Iberian Peninsula found out the hard way when they tried to Make Spain Great Again.

David Roberts on clean energy

Washington state is officially on its way to 100% clean energy. One recently passed bill phases out fossil fuels; another calls for weaning off coal by 2025 and natural-gas-generated electricity by 2045. Vox environmental reporter David Roberts says the bill is the best in the nation – and not just because he lives here.

Danny Goldberg, Serving the Servant

Danny Goldberg’s new memoir, Serving the Servant, chronicles his time as Nirvana’s manager in the early 1990s, as well as Kurt Cobain’s close friend. The book reveals a different side of both the band and its frontman; he spoke to KUOW’s Marcie Sillman.

Councilmember Abel Pacheco Jr.

Seattle has a new city counselor. Abel Pacheco Jr. was appointed yesterday to replace Rob Johnson. He won’t be running in the fall, so we asked him what he hopes to accomplish during his seven month tenure.